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Credit card valuation services

Born out of our extensive experience supporting our clients to evaluate investment opportunities, AHPP has built a powerful capability to analyze and appraise consumer asset portfolios and businesses.

With a specific focus on credit card assets, AHPP is active in the following:

balance-scaleFair Market Valuations

caret-rightWhen partnerships between a card issuer and a co-brand partner come to an end, buyer and seller often struggle to reconcile differences in the perceived value of the existing loan book

caret-rightIf the seller and buyer cannot successfully negotiate through this, a more formal FMV process is triggered to determine price

caret-rightOver the past 10 years, AHPP has represented sellers, buyers, co-brand partners, as well as acting as an independent ‘third’ evaluator, to help determine price for a total of over $30BN of card receivables across the globe, including North America, Europe and Australia

caret-rightIndependent in thought, data-driven and supported by best-in-class analytics,  AHPP is well placed to support your needs

credit-cardOpportunity analysis

caret-rightWhile we will typically provide valuation and analysis services as part of a wider advisory engagement, we appreciate that there are times that clients need support with opportunities they have independently sourced

caret-rightHaving supported transactions in many geographies, risk segments and products we can provide valuable insights to support your review of an opportunity. Chances are we will have seen something similar before

line-chartOngoing Portfolio Review

caret-rightSo you found an opportunity and successfully closed it – now you need to monitor it

caret-rightAHPP can review your investments and provide an independent valuation to support your reporting

What to Expect With AHPP

Independent, data-driven analysis

Independent analysis
Impartial analysis and insight

Extensive and deep experience
Expert advice and guidance backed with extensive transaction experience

Best-in-class analytics
Data-driven analysis supported by best-in-class-analytics

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