Performance Marketing

Making your marketing budget go further

Our solutions are designed to help you achieve improved in-year profit - or lower losses - by making your marketing dollars go further than your current budgets allow. This is especially valuable in high growth sectors with first mover advantage and where the 'winner takes all'.

How it works

A pay-per-customer solution

We replace your general marketing expense with our funding. Instead of you paying for clicks or mail pieces, you pay for customers acquired. This allows you to spread costs in line with revenues and accelerate customer sign-ups without sacrificing bottom-line profitability.

numberWe work within your marketing parameters, including CPA. You design and control the marketing strategy

number1We can provide a fixed cost option for marketing funding. Campaign performance is attributed and analysed. We pay for the clicks, you only pay for the customers we deliver

number2Lower upfront expense means your marketing budget can pay for more customers!

number3Cost of customer sign-ups is spread out over the life of customer relationship (typically 3-4 years)


Sign-ups in under 6 months

Based on our recent experience with a European bank

cancel1Without AHPP

You expense marketing costs as incurred

wonderingAll spend is upfront, regardless of customer reach or sign ups

confusedAll underperformance risk rests with your business

sadNo ability to spread costs over time

checkmarkWith AHPP

AHPP pays for all the marketing – you expense customer acquisition cost over life of customer

smileYou pay AHPP a bounty per customer acquired, akin to direct customer acquisition cost

happyPerformance risk all passes to AHPP – but you keep the upside

coolLess upfront expense = more to invest = more customers = improved revenue growth profile

Our Track Record

In a typical year of Performance Marketing, we will….

Spend over


Generate over


clicks and pieces of mail

Sign up


new customers

checkmarkMail and digital marketing platforms

checkmarkCompetitive and transparent pricing

checkmarkRemarkable levels of client retention

checkmarkAn established vendor relationship with Google

checkmarkClients across the US, UK and Europe, including banking and insurance services

What you get with AHPP

Control, Flexibility & Speed

Better P&L profile
Thanks to a reduced in-year expense and faster growth in customer base

You set the marketing strategy and decide on creatives. We adapt to your strategy

Rapid set up
Launch takes up to 8-10 weeks after the first discussion

Competitive and transparent costs
Costs will link to volume but can be fixed, creating budget certainty

Room to adjust funding budget on monthly basis – and easy to accommodate new product launches

Amortization works across multiple industries, geographies, digital and traditional platforms

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